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How We Created The Matching Party Set!

    When I was a kid, 👧 I’d pretend that I was either a housewife with a white picket fence or a big wig at an office job.☎️ When I got tired of playing Office, I’d go back to playing Housewife. I’d pretend I was cleaning the house all day, and I’d make a fake supper for my make-believe husband. In my pretend life, I had plenty of time to get everything done. In my real life, I don't have much time to get anything done.🕐 I get off work, walk in the door, and it’s time to start dinner. I cook a real dinner for my real husband, Jay, and my real kids, Chance and Devun.🍔

I needed to squeeze more time out of my day to spend with my family. It really bothered me and made me feel like a horrible mother and wife.😞 I was already getting home a few minutes later than my husband. Half of my brain tells me that I need to work to pay the bills and the other half of my brain tells me I need to be at home with my children. I believe the lucky people call this "work-life balance.”

I might sound a little jealous, and there’s a good reason for it; I am jealous! Years ago, we had to file for bankruptcy, and we never wanted to get into that situation again. If you’ve read my e-book, you know exactly what I’m talking about. See it Here.
 We’ve always been on a tight budget, so we knew we had to find an affordable hobby that we could do at home. My husband’s hobby is woodworking. As for myself, I didn’t pick a hobby, but I decided to spend as much time as I could learning to be frugal, so we could afford the things we wanted to do. (Like pay for woodworking machines)💰
We needed to build something that would save us time. The plan was to create something on wheels that would allow us to use it anywhere in the kitchen. We needed it to include a cutting board so we could chop🪓 our fruit, vegetables, or cheese quickly.
We tried a few different ideas 💡(that didn't work) until we finally decided to simplify. We realized that people didn't need the next great invention. 🤔We just needed to find great products and make them better!
We came up with our beautifully cohesive Matching 3-Piece Party Set. 🤯 If someone comes over, I can grab this set off the fridge, remove the burlap dust protector and have a gorgeous table setting in 10 minutes! This works!
All three pieces are part of a matching set, which pulls it all together. It's made with real locally harvested wood and two different types of wood species to make it unique. 😍 We use it for ALL of our holiday dinners, Sunday dinners, brunch, barbecues, birthday parties, and good ole regular get-togethers with friends or family. 
We save money 💰 by using the 3-piece Matching Party Set as part of our table decoration! I hope your family will love it as much as our family does!

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