Aunt Carol's Famous Banana Pudding

Aunt Carol's Famous Banana Pudding

I am so excited to tell you about my Aunt Carol’s Famous Banana Pudding! I never realized that banana pudding could taste different than the way I had always made it. I’ve always made it by following the product instructions and adding bananas and wafer cookies. I was wrong.

We reconnected with my aunt Carol about seven years ago, and although we don’t normally spend the holidays together, she made an extra serving of banana pudding and sent it to our house. As soon as my husband and I took a bite, we looked at each other because we realized that this pudding was different. This was not the same pudding that I had made so many times. I had to know the recipe, and I wasn’t going to leave her alone until I got it. Now, any recipe that makes a person beg deserves a spot in the limelight. Here’s the recipe.

Step One: Before you make the pudding, thinly slice three bananas and have your wafer cookies ready. I typically use a whole package of wafers. (Keep 10 wafers to add to the top of the pudding)

Step Two: Get a 3.4-ounce box of vanilla pudding. I usually purchase the big box of the Jell-O brand. Follow the directions on the box EXCEPT (IMPORTANT) replace one cup of milk with a can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk and mix it into the pudding mixture. (It’s very thick and it will make your pudding firm up faster.)

Step Three: Once you’ve mixed the banana pudding and the Eagle Brand Condensed Milk, add an 8-ounce tub of whipped cream and mix it in. I normally use an electric mixer.

Step Four: Get a different bowl and lay down a layer of wafer cookies and bananas and then pour ¼ of the pudding mixture into the bowl.

Step Five: Continue to layer the wafers and the bananas and add ¼ of the pudding mixture and keep layering it until the pudding is gone.

Step Six: Now, take the 10 wafer cookies that you saved and crush them, and spread them evenly across the top of the pudding mixture. You can also add bananas or whipped cream to the top of the pudding along with the crushed cookies.


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