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Closet Organization: A Place for Everything

 A closet needs a system in order to function properly and stay organized. Your closet organization system can be as complicated or as simple as you like, but having a place for everything is a must. To make your system work, you must be consistent, which takes time, practice, and a little self-discipline.

For instance, if the bottom of your closet is a sea of mismatched shoes, and you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find a matching pair, you're obviously unorganized! You can invest in a shoe tree, a shelf for your shoes, or a door hanger with pockets. Before you buy any organizational accessories, do some research to see what is available in your price range. Make sure there’s enough room for your whole shoe collection, and plan ahead to accommodate extra shoes in the future. If you don’t plan for future growth, you'll end up in the same situation as before, but with less money in your wallet.

After you have found a home for all of your shoes, take the time (every time) to put them back in their proper place. But don’t stop at your shoes! Keep going, pick the next problem spot in your closet; you’ll know what it is by the level of frustration you experience when you try to find something. It might be belts, ties, gym clothing, socks, or anything else - find a home for your belongings and use the same spot every time. It will quickly become second nature, and you’ll never get lost in your closet again.

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