From Time-Strapped to Time-Savvy: How Our Journey to Efficient Living Can Help You Too!

From Time-Strapped to Time-Savvy: How Our Journey to Efficient Living Can Help You Too!

“I have NO Fucking Time!” I screamed at my husband. Then, I turned away from him because I didn’t want him to see that I was about to cry. “What is wrong with me? Why am I crying about having to make dinner?” I thought to myself. Then, as if Satan himself wanted to toy with me, I hear a knock at the door. It’s one of our family members with their kids and wife showing up unannounced! I didn’t have enough food laid out of the freezer. “More Stress!” I screamed inside my own head. “I just got off work! Don’t these people know that I don’t have time?”

I quietly opened the freezer door, hoping I had something to cook that would feed four extra unexpected people. I was so angry. I just wanted to be alone but, instead, I am cooking for people that didn’t have the decency to tell us they were coming over five minutes after I walked in the door from work. I love my family, but I feel like I don’t have time to enjoy their company, not if I want any personal time at all. Man, how selfish am I?

I found some ground beef, 8 frozen meatballs, spaghetti noodles, and sauce. I cooked supper for my family and our guests. I knew that I was being kind of short (maybe a little rude) with everyone, but I was truly in a bad mood. I had a long day at work and the only thing I really wanted to do was to come home, turn on a chick flick, and veg out on popcorn covered in sprayed butter and white cheddar salt! But, I am a mother and a wife. I have no choice. I am supposed to be happy to wear myself out every single day for years…right?

At 10:00 pm our unexpected family members decided it was time to go home. They didn’t have to work the next day, so they had plenty of time. (That is what I kept thinking about as I participated in the conversation.) I kept thinking, “It must be nice to have time to decorate your home, start a garden, go fishing, and plan a picnic in the park!” These are the things they were telling us about. My entire day and evening was over. I had time to take a shower, make sure my kids did their homework, and go to bed.

This is the way my life was going. When I started my job I had a few hobbies that I enjoyed doing in my free time. Now, I have no free time. This kept happening to me. So many nights, I got off work, made supper, and ended up going to bed without getting any time to enjoy life. Eventually, all of my hobbies ended. I would say, “I will work on that tomorrow.” Well, I would say the exact same thing the next day, and the next day, and so on. I couldn’t let this keep happening. I had to find a way to save more time!

I told my husband that I know it seems like I am always in a bad mood and I just need to find a way to have more time. I wasn’t enjoying life and life is short enough. My husband is a woodworker, so I gave him a mission. “Save my sanity!” I said. I told him that I needed a way to get more time out of my evenings. I couldn’t continue to live like that or I would get depressed. (Honestly, I was already depressed)He built a few different options, like a cutting board on a cart with wheels. (which I still have) But, it just wasn’t right. I needed something I could carry outside if we were using the grill. After a lot of trial and error, we created our 3-Piece Matching Serving Set. (And now, we also have a 4-Piece Matching Serving Set.)

With this set, if family comes over, I can grab it off the refrigerator, throw some crackers and cheese on the cutting board, grab a bottle of wine and glasses to use with the wine carrier, and serve drinks on the tray, and I can pull it all together in about 10 to 20 minutes! The best part is that I can use this set as part of the table decoration because it’s a matching set and it looks beautiful together. This isn’t fixing all of my time issues, but it helps.

Sincerely, Cendee (One Half Of Our Whole)

Our Story: We are a couple who share a passion for creativity and saving money. I love to save money by cooking delicious meals at home and creating unique crafts. Meanwhile, my husband is an expert in woodworking and loves to craft beautiful pieces from scratch. Together, we combine our passions to create one-of-a-kind serving sets that are both functional and beautiful. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail and reflects our love for the natural beauty of wood.

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