Household Tips To Save Time & Money

Household Tips To Save Time & Money

Household Tips to Save You Time and Money:

Doing household chores and paying bills can drain your energy and your pocketbook. There never seems to be enough time or money, but it is possible to make it a little easier by working smarter instead of harder.

Start saving time and money right away with these strategies:

1.) Buy items in the off-season. Most department stores purchase more inventory than they can sell, so they’ll have a sale at the end of each season. For example, you can buy the next season’s bathing suit at the end of summer, buy a gas grill in the fall, or buy a motorcycle in winter. Take advantage of the end-of-season sales.

2.) Use a timer. Save time by giving yourself a time limit on your normal daily tasks. Time management is an important skill. A simple digital timer is one of the most important devices you can own if you want to save time. You’ll be surprised at how well you focus on a task when you know the timer is set. For instance, allow 10 minutes to vacuum a room which typically takes 15 minutes.

3.) Clean your barbecue grill in the oven. I read this somewhere, and this works if your grill’s wire rack has burned black food baked in. Instead of scrubbing your outdoor grill with a wire brush and harsh chemicals, line the bottom of your oven with aluminum foil and put the grill’s wire rack in the oven set at 500 degrees. The old food will cook off. Nothing could be simpler, and you’ll save time.

4.) Buy the weekend newspaper. At some point, newspapers will probably be obsolete since the internet includes so many news articles. However, the Sunday paper is loaded with coupons and sale ads. To learn how to save up to 80% off your normal monthly shopping excursions, check out my detailed eBook. Click Here.

5.) Visit the websites of your favorite stores before every shopping trip to find your favorite items while they’re on sale. Most stores include their weekly ad online. For detailed steps teaching you how to find the best deals to use with coupons, see the link in the step above.

6.) Save money by growing herbs in your kitchen. Dried herbs are expensive to purchase. Also, fresh herbs have more flavor.

7.) Use energy-efficient light bulbs. These bulbs are a little more expensive, but they’re better for the environment, cheaper on your electric bill, and they last longer than regular bulbs.

8.) Buy your own coffee supplies. Making coffee at home instead of purchasing from a coffee franchise like Starbucks can save a lot of money each week. For a small investment, you can buy modern coffee equipment and make fancy coffee for a fraction of the cost.

Write down your expenses, including the items you purchase for your pets, yard, groceries, household, and cleaning supplies. Then, write down the time it takes you to do each weekly task. Take small steps to save time and money. You’ll be surprised how much money and time you waste.

-Thank you, Jay & Cendee — Hollow Branch Creations

We are a couple who share a passion for creativity and saving money. I love to save money by cooking delicious meals at home and creating unique crafts. Meanwhile, my husband is an expert in woodworking and loves to craft beautiful pieces from scratch. Together, we combine our passions to create one-of-a-kind serving sets that are both functional and beautiful. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail and reflects our love for the natural beauty of wood.

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