Lasting Charm: Coaster Sets That Combine Beauty and Function

Lasting Charm: Coaster Sets That Combine Beauty and Function

Looking for a thoughtful and durable gift that won't break the bank? Look no further than our coaster sets at Hollow Branch Creations. Crafted from locally harvested cherry, maple, and walnut trees in the USA, these sets showcase sustainability and support for local economies while ensuring sturdiness and enduring charm.

What makes our coaster sets unique is their thoughtful design. Tailored to accommodate most cup sizes with a larger center, they feature cork bottoms to prevent slipping and safeguard table surfaces. Plus, our water-based finish, formulated from sustainable materials and organic, plant-based ingredients, reduces the carbon footprint, adding another layer of eco-consciousness to your purchase.

In a world filled with disposable items, our coaster sets stand out as affordable and lasting options. Surprise your friends and family with a gift that not only showcases natural beauty but also shields their tables from spills. Choose the coaster set that resonates with you, and give the gift of enduring charm from Hollow Branch Creations.


Jay & Cendee - Hollow Branch Creations

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