Make Your Own Homemade Hot Chocolate Coffee Creamer To Save Money

Make Your Own Homemade Hot Chocolate Coffee Creamer To Save Money

I remember when I first decided that nothing was more exciting than, “Going Frugal”! I ran through the house to my husband and said, “I am going to start being frugal!” I was smiling and expecting him to say something sarcastic, but instead, he looked at me like he had NO idea what I was talking about. It’s funny now because I didn’t know what it meant either until I started looking for ways to save money. (On literally everything!)

That was around the time in my life when I was drinking coffee in the morning, noon, and night. My mom always drank black coffee and my dad had a little milk in his coffee. (He called it creamer) My brother and I would fight over who made my mom’s cup because it was easier to make a cup of plain coffee. From the first time I tried my mom’s boring coffee, I realized that I didn’t like plain coffee. Yuck!

My husband and I prefer flavored coffee, so that was my next mission! Yummy coffee for a little money! There are so many flavor combinations to experiment with when using homemade recipes, and I chose horribly! The first recipe I tried was supposed to taste like cappuccino. It used cinnamon, and I found out very quickly that I don’t like cinnamon in my coffee. I completely veered off into a whole new direction. I had a hard time staying focused because there were so many options!

When I was looking for coffee creamer alternatives, I kept running across recipes for homemade hot chocolate mix, and I thought, “Why not? I love chocolate!” Do you know where I am going with this? I ended up making a homemade hot chocolate mix and tried it in my coffee! Yup, I used my husband as a guinea pig, and he just assumed we bought chocolate creamer!

This was about ten years ago and there are many more exciting options to try now. I’m embarrassed to say it but, I’m kind of set in my ways, and I struggle with change. But, I am open to trying new homemade products if it saves me money! (Especially during the holidays!) Here is the recipe to make your own homemade powdered hot chocolate coffee creamer combo!

  • Use 3/4 cup of Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa
  • - 1 cup of dry milk
  • - 1 cup of powdered non-dairy creamer
  • - 1 1/2 cups of white sugar
  • - A couple of handfuls of mini-marshmallows (If you’re making hot chocolate.)
  • - If you want it sweeter, use more sugar or powdered sugar.

Mix all of the dry ingredients in a large bowl until they are thoroughly blended. (You can use a food processor.)

For Hot Chocolate: Place three tablespoons of the mixture into a mug; fill the mug with hot water and stir with a spoon. You may add more or less mixture to taste. Store the remaining mix in an airtight container.

For Coffee Creamer: I tried one teaspoon at a time until it tasted the way I liked it. You shouldn’t need to add sugar. If it’s not sweet enough, you can replace the sugar with powdered sugar, to taste.

You can decorate mason jars and tie a ribbon and/or a pretty label around the lid and give these as presents! (Very affordable presents.) Enjoy!

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