Without An Investment, There is NO Commitment!!

Without An Investment, There is NO Commitment!!

I read a book written by Russell Brunson, an entrepreneur who charges $25,000 for one of his live events. According to his book, he invited some of his friends and family to join the event for free. Russell said that NO action was taken by anyone who went to the live event for free, but the people who paid $25,000 followed the steps they had learned because they had made an investment. (Without an Investment, There is No Commitment) In fact, he also said, “If you know how to do something that can assist other people, do whatever it takes to reach those people. What a tragedy for those people if you don’t develop your voice now.” I’m paraphrasing, but it made me realize how selfish I was by only helping my own family.

I wondered how I could teach you to save money without giving away years of my knowledge for free, but without it costing you any money. I spent several months compiling my research into this book, and it took a lot of work to get to where I am. I would be doing you an injustice and a disservice if I just gave it away. (Without an Investment, There is No Commitment) If you follow this process, you’ll save enough money to pay for the cost of this e-book. So, it costs you nothing after your upfront investment. If you keep following these steps, you’ll be able to pay off your debt!

That’s the whole point…learning to take small steps toward financial independence! When I say, “Every Dollar Counts,” I mean it. I have saved thirty cents, and I transferred that money to my savings account. (Even thirty cents counts) I have a savings account specifically for money that I save while using coupons. This is the money I use to pay an extra payment on a bill!

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