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Extra Large Edge Grain Cutting Board For Tabletop or Counter

Extra Large Edge Grain Cutting Board For Tabletop or Counter

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Introducing our extraordinary Extra-Large Edge Grain Walnut & Maple Cutting Board, complete with thoughtful details that elevate its functionality. This stunning cutting board not only showcases the captivating blend of walnut and maple in an edge-grain pattern but also features carefully integrated feet for added convenience.

The built-in feet on this cutting board serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they provide stability and elevation, keeping the board securely in place during use on any tabletop or counter. This ensures a steady surface for precise cutting and slicing, minimizing the risk of accidents or slippage.

Furthermore, the feet allow for efficient airflow underneath the cutting board, preventing moisture buildup and promoting proper drying after cleaning. This design element contributes to the longevity of the board, preserving its quality for years to come. The feet seamlessly blend with the overall design, adding a touch of elegance while maintaining the board's functionality.

Experience the perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality with our Extra-Large Edge Grain Walnut & Maple Cutting Board. Enjoy the beauty of the walnut and maple pattern, benefit from its spacious size, and appreciate the added convenience and stability provided by the integrated feet. Elevate your culinary endeavors with this exquisite cutting board, a true masterpiece for your kitchen or dining area. Pick from Cherry, Maple, or Walnut Wood.


IMPORTANT: We do not keep these in stock. These are made when ordered, and you can email us for different options. This will take 1-7 additional days. Free shipping is not included on this cutting board.

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Cutting Board: Sizes are approximate. 1.5"T x 17"W x 24"L. It is non-toxic and safe for food contact when fully dried.


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